Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Attack of the Blog

So blogging. What does someone who's starting up a blog that's SUPPOSED to help promote a story they're writing actually write about? It seems somewhat vain to brashly promote my own writing, like those folks you see waving the 'Little Caesar's' signs on sidewalks, tempting you to whip out a $5 bill and go home with a pizza. Only in my case the pizza would be my writing. I don't want to be that author (we all know them) who can only talk about their writing, how great it is, and how you're not as cool as you potentially could be by reading their writing.

But I want to give folks who ARE interested in my writing a chance to learn about what it is I'm writing. I am working on a story after all, shouldn't I spend some time talking about it?

Here's what I'll do. The story I'm working on has several themes. So why don't I blog about the themes of my story? I mean, most folks can relate to themes and stuff right? Why don't I blog about ideas from my story and see what you guys think? Or blog about what runs through a character's head. Better yet, blog about who these characters actually are!

I'll try that, this 'teamwork' writing if you will. We'll toss around ideas, talk about them, and see how/if they'd work in a story. We'll talk about anything and everything. We'll make big chocolate cakes and cinnamon rolls. Oh wait, that's Julia CHILD'S FRIEND'S blog...So maybe not the chocolate cakes.

I am excited to share with you guys my passion for writing and story telling, and I hope you all will take the time to join me as I do this. It's a free forum here, idea wise. ANYTHING goes (well, within reason of course. Anything derogatory, inflammatory, or otherwise offensive will be deleted. Yup. Goes for me too!)! It'll be fun, right? *notes glazed over eyes of readers*  Well, if it doesn't work, so be it. The sun will still come up tomorrow, with or without my blog. 

Bottom line is I want you guys---YUP YOU THE READER---to be involved with the writing of my stories. After all, it's YOU the readers who makes writing worthwhile, because you are the ones doing the reading! 

I can dig this. I am excited! Hopefully you are too. If not, maybe I'll send you a cookie. Maybe.

Happy reading/writing, and God bless!