Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dreams: Crazier than crazy

Had one of the most fab, exciting dreams I can remember last night...The dream advertised itself as me and some friends sitting down to watch 'The Ten Commandments', but quickly took a turn for the better. 

I was trapped in this remote, maximum security prison being kept prisoner for some unknown reason. There was absolutely no hope of my own escaping, though not for lack of trying. I'd done everything I could to escape, and slowly it was wearing me down--emotionally and physically.

And then, one cold but very starry night this young lady who I'd never seen before told me that the next night she was going to bust me out. She looked familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on how I knew her. As quickly as she came, she vanished.

I stupidly tried to escape on my own again, my only reward being more guards to keep a hawk's eye on me.

And then the following night came, and that young lady returned. She grabbed my hand, somehow whisking me out of that prison cell and said, "C'mon, this way!" I followed her, her complete and utter lack of fear bolstering me on.

It didn't take the guards long to see I had gotten out, and soon the entire prison was on lock down. Didn't matter to this woman. She let go of my hand, fished into a small bag she was carrying and pulled up (I kid you not) a windup grenade. She wound it up, lighting it and tossed it towards the huge (oddly placed) door leading out of the prison. Guards were swarming down the steps now, and I could hear all kinds of weapons being cocked and readied.

Another grenade and the door flew open. A veil of smoke kept us safe as she took my hand again, leading me out of the prison. The rattle of the guns started, and she told me not to worry, that everything will be ok.

She led me to a large, swampy area just 100 yards or so out from the prison. She said it was the only way to escape. And then a bullet hit her leg. She winced, but never once faltered. She told me to go on, but I refused. I picked her up and carefully stepped into the swamp. As I did so I slowly started to piece together who this girl was. Deeper into the swamp we went and now the voices of the guards could be heard, surrounding the swamp. None of them shot.

And it dawned on me: this woman had been someone I had known, a friend, maybe something more I wasn't sure yet. She had risked everything to come and rescue me. As the shouting of the guards became louder, she squeezed my hand and said she'd rather die here with me than back at the prison.
I agreed, and finally remembered that she had been there the day I got to the prison. She had been the only one who smiled at me.

Tragically, I woke up, leaving the dream unfinished. Darn you early mornings! 

But now I'm wondering. Is there a message furled somewhere in this dream? Is 'The Ten Commandments' a awesome dream brewer? Probably not, given that I haven't seen the movie in five years. But man, what a ride that dream was. Wish I knew that girl. Her image is still a little fuzzy. Maybe I do?

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